As someone with ADHD myself, I understand it from the inside out. I know what it does. I know what it feels like. I know that simply following some book of time-management and organization techniques isn’t going to work for you.

ADHD is a “glitch” in the brain that, like a virus in a super-computer, makes otherwise intelligent people behave inconsistently, unpredictably and unreliably. This causes those who depend on an ADD’er to think he or she “just doesn’t care.” It is this quality most of all that makes adult ADHD so baffling, upsetting and sometimes infuriating, both to ADD’ers and to those who love them.

Your ADHD is different from anybody else’s. First and foremost, I help YOU become an expert in your own ADHD. I help you map out both its weaknesses and its strengths. I help you observe and understand exactly how your ADHD works so that you can find ways to work your way around it.