Art Isn’t Easy

Is your creative process stuck?

Being an artist or writer, or even wanting to be one, makes you different.

You have a passion to express yourself, a passion to create something that’s never existed before.

You see and feel the world more intensely than other people. You’re not content, as others seem to be, with just working and kicking back. And even though some forms of art are highly collaborative, deep down you’re not a “team player.” Your creativity is drawn from a well deep inside you that for the most part you must access alone.

When you’re in the process of creating your art, whether it’s a painting, a play, a book, a creative non-fiction essay, a sonnet or a musical score, you feel deeply alive. But when you’re not–when you’re feeling blocked, or when you’ve given up on your creative process entirely as something that “leads nowhere”—you feel lost. You feel like you’re letting yourself down.

Art is a two-fold process: creating it, and then finding the right avenues to share it with the larger world. So many creative and talented people get stuck in not thinking their work is “good enough,” or in feeling too shy and isolated to take the necessary actions (and the necessary risks) to make it public. Many get bogged down in confusion over how to bring their talent into the world, and simply give up without giving it a chance.

Through counseling and psychotherapy, I have helped writers and artists break through their blocks at all different stages of their development; from those who never believed in themselves to those who were struggling with a dry spell after many years of successful artistic productivity. So whether you stopped writing, painting or playing music many years ago – or have never shown your work yet to anyone – or are having trouble coping with success and all the demands and pressures it has brought down upon you—let me help you find, cope with, and use that gift within you that refuses to be denied, so that it can live and grow to its fullest potential.