When it’s HARD to make sense of things, HARD to get through the day, HARD to feel good about yourself or your life…

I can help you find your way forward

Individual Therapy frederick mdIf you’re reading this page right now, most likely you or someone you know is going through a painful and difficult time. Life events, or your emotions, or both, may feel like they’ve spun out of control. Extremely distressing emotions like anxiety, depression, rage or intense grief may have become a part of your daily life.

Or perhaps you’re feeling “stuck,” lost and off-track in your life, maybe even heading in the wrong direction. You have no clue how to move forward again, or else the actions you need and want to take feel about as possible as flying to the moon.

At a time like this, you want someone who can help you get a handle on what’s going on. You want a counselor or psychotherapist who’s caring and easy to talk to, yet with the solid knowledge and experience to zero in on where the problem lies and serve as your steady guide, companion and sounding board as you work your way through it.

I have decades of knowledge and background in both time-tested and cutting-edge approaches for helping you reach equilibrium and live from your most authentic life, whether you are struggling with depression or debilitating anxiety, battling compulsions or addictions, trying to get anger under control, making difficult choices and transitions, suffering from trauma, facing staggering life challenges or hurting from major losses.

I use cognitive-behavioral, emotion-based, mindfulness, attachment-oriented and systems approaches, always in the service of helping you discover your own direction forward, toward growth and greater happiness and fulfillment.

I’ve lived long enough and seen enough people to know that storybook lives pretty much happen only in story books. The vast majority of us sooner or later face huge challenges and suffer huge setbacks. As difficult as they are, these times may lead to the most important choices we ever make. They’re when we either shrink back and give up, or we move forward and grow.

Let me help you move forward and grow.